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How to register free .com.np domain for personal blog in Nepal?

Hello readers, Welcome to my very first content. Today I'm going to tech you all to register a free .com.np domain for personal blog in Nepal. Let's gets started.

First of all you need a Scanned copy of Government Verified ID such as; Citizenship or Passport. Another necessary thing is a cover letter for the host master. The sample of cover letter is shown below.

Cover Letter sample for free domain registration
After that you have to go to www.register.com.np create a new account verify it and login to your account. Then search a domain name based on your full name and select the available domain. Fill-up the forms with valid information and also upload the cover letter and government issued ID.
After submitting the domain request you can check your domain status from your dashboard.

Thank you for reading this content. If you faced any problem during the domain registration don't forget to contact us.

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