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Recommendation for potential enhancements of Network System

Hello readers, Welcome to my another content. Today I came up with informative article for you all here I short out the few recommendation for the potential enhancement of Network System for IT based company. Let's move towards our content:

Recommendation for potential enhancements of networks:
·         High quality devices: For better transmission we have to adopt high quality devices with extra load balancer like; cisco devices, juniper devices, mikrotik devices etc.

·         Alarm system: Inside the server rooms we have to add alarm system to detect unauthorized access and in case of emergency.

·         Linux servers: To make our system more secure and fast we need to adopt Linux servers and bypass the windows server.

·         Bio-metric system: To make our system more secure we have to configure the bio-metric system outside the every door. After all only authorized people can enter to the rooms.

·         Backup system: In case of disaster and hacking/cracking our data will permanently loss so in case of data we can't recover it. To save our data we have to adopt different backup technologies like; RAID, Cloning, mirroring etc.

·         Cyber security specialist: If we appoint the cyber security specialist for our whole network system then they find out the loopholes, vulnerabilities, errors or any kind of problem and fix it. So for security reason we have to appoint cybersecurity specialists to make our system more secure.

·         CCTV: To monitor the activities of everything happening inside the server room we have to install CCTV cameras inside all server rooms.

·         Extra login and 2-factor authentication: To more secure the system we have to add extra logins, captcha filling, OTP, and 2-factor authentication system.

·         System auditing: To checkup the health of whole network system including both hardware and software. We have to do annual audit of our system for better improvements.

·         Cooling system in server rooms: In case of high traffic and load, processor produces more heat, to reduce the heat we have to fit AC, Fans, Liquid cooling system etc. inside the server rooms. 

·         System updates: To make faster, efficient and secure the system, developers regularly gives the system updates and security patches for better improvement, so we have to adopt the updating habit.

·         Protection: To protect our system from viruses, malware, spyware, phishing attacks and hacker/cracker we have to install antivirus, firewalls, VPN servers and SSL/TLS certificates.

Thank you for reading out this content. If you have any confusion about above article comment bellow also if you want more articles related to Networking and Security, don’t forget to inform us.

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