System maintenance Schedule for IT based Company

Hello readers, Welcome to another exciting and most awaited content related to network security. Today I came up with informative articles which covers a system maintenance schedule for IT based company. Let's move into the content:

Maintaining a network essentially implies doing what we need to maintain the network. Network maintenance tasks are those tasks which network administrators perform on different time basis. So that here I have made a maintenance schedule for ABC IT Company.


1.      Check hardware termination
2.      Identify any faults on network devices, servers, printers, etc.
3.      Check functionality of other peripherals
4.      Investigate any disconnected cables
5.      Check for any incorrectly connected cabling
6.      Check for error indicators or lights

1.      Check for OS updates
2.      Check for software updates
3.      Check any third party applications for updates
4.      Ensure antivirus definition update scheduling
5.      Ensure product licensing is current & valid

1.      Check system, applications, DNS, & security logs
2.      Archive old events to files with appropriate dates
3.      Enable and check firewall & router logs
4.      Check event, history & virus logs
5.      Check server performance

1.      Analyze disk performance and usage
2.      Check status of Backup system
3.      Check disk capacity
4.      Clear temp files
5.      Check network shares and disable any unnecessary shares
6.      Perform penetration tests on network/servers

1.      Audit the system
2.      Perform penetration tests on network/servers

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