Internet is full of information and  myths.  it is possible to spread a myth at a rapid
pace in no time  due to high speed internet these days. Today we are going to list
top 5 technology myths you should stop believing right now.

1." incognito" browsing makes you complete Anonymous

Most of the internet users believe using incognito mode makes them completely Anonymous
in the internet and if you are one of them who believe this then  you are completely wrong .
Incognito mode doesn't allow previously fetched cookies to the website and Your search
history won't be stored locally. But It won't stop your internet service provider (ISP)
from tracking your web activities.and  It's not going to fake your location from the sites you visit.

2 . The More megapixels a camera have , the better photos it takes

Nowadays smartphone manufacturers put great emphasis on the camera of the smartphones
and you can frequently hear about the 48 , 64 and 108 megapixels camera on latest phones and
you along with 68% of smartphone users think that The More megapixels a camera have ,
the better photos it takes which is totally myth and it is far from truth. The quality of a
camera is  influenced by the sensor quality, not  by its Megapixel resolution. the quality of
the lenses that you use play vital  role, and even more when it had to  handle more Megapixels. 

3.  Deleting the files from recycle bin permanently deletes them

This is one of the most common computer myth. I am pretty sure that you are also one of
them who believes Deleting the files from recycle bin permanently deletes them but
When you delete data from the Recycle Bin, Windows marks it as deleted and frees the
space data is still there and waiting to be overwritten by more data.and until and unless
you put new files in that particular folder you can retrieve the data anytime using recovery tools.

4.  The higher the RAM is, the faster your PC will run

Like me you must have always wanted to get a pc with more ram then you currently have
so that the pc runs faster but in reality ram has nothing to do which how fast your pc will
run. In fact ram is just a super fast temporary storage space where your currently active
programs reside. Increasing ram will help more programs to open simultaneously.

5. You shouldn't use your phone while charging

It is frequently advised by our parents not to use the phone while charging as Using your
phone while charging has a chance of it exploding in your hand but there is 0% truth in it.
In fact if you use a faulty charger or your phone has some manufacturing fault there is a
chance of exploding and the worst that can happen during the charging is that your phone
warms up slightly and it is perfectly fine to use a phone while charging.

Written By: Xu Xil