What is Active Directory Domain Server and How to install it?

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Active Directory Server
Active Directory Server is an efficient tool that allows your Sinology NAS (Network-attached storage) to become a domain controller. With Active Directory Server, IT administrators can manage accounts and install specific programs or system updates on all computers in the office. All these can be achieved just with a few clicks.

1.      To create and manage users and groups.
2.      To create, implement and manage different security policies.
3.      To store the resources of entire network centrally.
4.      To manage, control and monitor the whole network centrally.

1.      Server operating system
2.      Static IP Address
3.      Active directory domain services/software

Installation Process
Step 1: Open Server Manager from task bar

Step 2: From Server Manager Dashboard, click on Add Roles and Features

Step 3: Before we continue, make sure we have a strong password (Combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Special Character and Number), properly configured static IP Address. Click Next
Step 4: Select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next

Step 5: Choose the destination server on which we want to configure active directory. In our case, it is local server which is selected by default so click on Next
Step 6: Select Active Directory Domain Services. A popup window will appear showing our additional necessary features. Click Add Features and then click Next

Step 7: Keep everything as it is on feature selection window and click Next
Step 8: Read the message and click Next

Step 9: Review the installation and then click Install
Step 10: When an installation completes, click Close

Configuring Active Directory
Step 1: Open Server Manager from task bar and click on Notifications

Step 2: Click on Promote this server to a domain controller
Step 3: Select Add a new forest from deployment operation choices and enter Root domain name. Click Next

Step 4: Keep everything as it is and add a strong password (Combination of Uppercase, Lowercase, Special Character and Number) and Click Next
Step 5: Ignore warnings and Click Next

Step 6: Check NetBIOS name of domain and Click Next
Step 7: Keep everything as it is and Click Next

Step 8: Review your requirements and Click Next
Step 9: Click Install when all prerequisite have been successfully passed.

When an installation completes, you will be prompted that your machine has successfully been configured as domain controller and will be rebooted automatically.

Checking the Domain was configured or not
Step 1: Open My Computer/ This PC
Step 2: Right click on Blank area and click on Properties.

Step 2: Check the domain section
If we see our domain name in Domain section, our domain is Promoted (Configured) successfully.

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