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What is the Dark Web and what are its purposes?

The dark web is regarded as a refuge of illicit activity which many people seem too happy to have, but what exactly is it and has it other purposes? The article will illuminate the dark web and outline its many applications.

What is the dark web?
There are three main sections of the Internet: the surface web, the deep web and the dark web. Around 10 percent of the entire internet is made up of the surface web and includes everything someone can find by entering words in a browser like Google and Bing.
The deep web (despite its name) is all about secret knowledge that is not readily available to everyone. It includes everything that is password secured, from bank account subscription services to medical records. In reality, the majority of the Internet is in this region.
The Dark Web is something that is not accessible from most common browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Any details on the dark web can be found, it's just dark, as accessibility is less commonly limited.
Okay, it wasn't that awful, wasn't it?

How do I get on the dark web?
First of all, if it's illegal to access the dark web. The reply is no. What you could do when you get there, is illegal, but it really lies with you. Well, Tor Browser is the most common way. This browser is like Chrome or Firefox or any other browser, but it's functioning is slightly different.
Tor means "The Onion Router," meaning how it operates. Tor Internet activity will pass through various overlay or onion networks that help to encrypt traffic from your device. Web activities are based on Tor. Tor works slower than standard browsers because of these additional layers of security. Many Tor users even suggest to use a VPN for full privacy at the same time.
But note, Tor is not the dark web itself, it's just a web browser. With Tor, you can view all of the same material in a secure way – or go deeper. It is where the websites with .onion suffix come in. This means it's dim, and the browser of Tor is to access it, if the end is seen as a Website address (instead of.com, .net, .org etc.).

What is the dark web used for?
You undoubtedly heard of illegal transactions if you knew something about the dark Web. The real thing about the dark web, though, is total anonymity online. You can buy illicit drugs from the mail order on the dark web. Another thing you can do is to read the New York Times or the Facebook surface that both have a dark version of the site. What you do on the dark web essentially depends on your individual needs.

We would say that you live in a country such as Iran, in which many popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook are blocked. Well, Tor can be used to access blocked website and also, if available, to ensure your internet privacy and tranquility by using dark web .onion versions. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that many of the users of Tor and the dark web are likely to feel that their use of the dark network on Facebook is problematic, primarily because of the many inherent problems of privacy.

Yet confidentiality is anonymity for the do-gooders and the badders. While the dark web allows average individuals to prevent surveillance and data collection by government and corporations, it also allows the harassment of the same average people. One example: the dark web is a prime destination for malware distribution and sale. Another example: dark website privacy permits fraud such as the selling of stolen numbers of credit cards. And a debate on the dark web and the privacy of the online industry will not be full without discussing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the lifeblood that enables private transactions to flourish (on both the dark and online websites).
You can always get a VPN that encloses your link to keep you anonymous online if you're unable to go to full Tor or dark web.

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