How to install IIS Server in Microsoft Windows Server

Internet Information Services (IIS) Server

Internet Information Server (IIS) is one of the most popular web servers from Microsoft that is used to host and provide Internet-based services to ASP.NET and ASP Web applications. A web server is responsible for responding to requests that come from users. When a request comes from client to server IIS takes that request from users and processes it and sends a response back to users.

Requirements for configuration of IIS Server

Server OS

Static IP

DNS server services with websites

IIS server services


Steps for IIS server installation

Step 1: open server manager > click on tools > select internet information services (IIS) manager.



Internet information services (IIS) Manager will open then click right mouse click on computer name(WIN-U4SC……….) >CLICK on add website



Create a webpage that we have to create using .html in a folder.

Enter site name( which we had created in DNS server>browse that folder in which .html file is created in the physical path.> enter the IP address which is used on the website ( and click on ok



Open IIS manager >click on default document>clear or delete all default files from it>click on add >enter the file name (lanmark.html) which is created in a folder.






OPEN internet explorer >enter the web site which was created(



Finally, the IIS server is installed and our webpage is displayed.

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